I found Golden Rule through a web search for insurance for freelance workers. I recently went from working in an office, to being a freelance web developer, and my COBRA coverage was expiring.

I cannot afford a lot for insurance.The sign-up process was simple. I could opt to pay online - which is the first deception. More on that later.I then received a phone call from an underwriter (which, I understand, is standard fare). The guy kept asking the same questions over and over again.

He was really focused on the fact I've had bronchitis and upper respiratory infections several times, and wanted to know details about how often I go see a doctor, and what they prescribe. It's not a big deal. But he asked the same questions multiple times, just phrased in different ways.I received a notice in the mail saying I had been approved, and due to medical history my rate would change slightly. Fine, no big deal.

I get that they can't properly quote out a rate without fuller details. It happens, and I'm actually OK with that.I get my first bill in the mail (I opt to pay every 3 months) after my policy has been in effect 2 months or so. The amount due is fine, but I hold off on paying it, because I knew I could pay online.NOPE.When I log into their web site, I can see all my payment history, my policy information, all kinds of personally identifiable information. But there is absolutely no way to pay online.

So I call customer service and talk to an agent, who was very pleasant to talk to. She says "we give a 30 day grace period on all payments because we don't accept payments online," to which I reply:"You can bind a policy with a credit card. You took my money to start my policy that way. I'm paying this out of my own pocket, and I haven't written a check to anyone in months, because everyone does business on the internet, and everyone accepts payments this way."She tells me they are very traditional in that manner, which, whatever.

This is 2013. It's perfectly safe to accept payments through a payment gateway over the internet. They took my money once in that manner anyway.I ask to speak to a manager to file a complaint, to which I'm asked to call another number. I get a receptionist that's completely clueless and am forwarded to a manager's voice mail.

I leave a message describing my issue, and asking if there's any plans to implement this in the future. It's not a difficult process, and heck, they already have it in place for new policies. I leave my name and number twice, as I do anytime I call anyone and leave a message, and was very nice in all of my interactions.That's been 3 weeks ago, and haven't received a call, email, anything. The fact this company simply can not and will not even acknowledge the issue scares me if I have a medical emergency and need coverage.

Are they going to respond to my phone calls?

Are they going to pay out what's owed? I'm paying them so that they can help me out when I'm in need, and to not respond to a basic issue is a silly matter.

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