After contacting them time after time and being told my claims are "in review," I filed a complaint with the state department of insurance. You can never speak with anyone in the review section, only a receptionist who can give you no information.

I have claims submitted 4 months ago for services going as far back as 7 months ago. Though they aren't paying the claims, I have to continue to pay premiums or get dropped.

Why pay premiums when the company doesn't pay claims? For fear of being without any coverage at all. I think it's a scam to try to drop those of us with medical conditions costing more in claims than they bring in in premiums.

What would one expect from a company who paid its CEO $1.6 BILLION last year? They are making huge profits by taking advantage of those least able to stand up for themselves - people who are weak and ill.

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My husband and I were accepted by Golden Rule with a couple of riders. They are crooks.

A short while after we were approved I fell ill and ended up in the hospital for a week and had to have a liver biopsy. Well now we have been letters every couple of days stating they are reviewing the claims and now we got a letter stating they are canceling my coverage. Well I am not done with them as I plan to challenge their decisions.They are definitely a rip off company and I would stay as far away from them as possible.

Shame on them. :sigh


I too filed a claim for my 3 day hospital stay, which the coverage booklet states is covered as long as I was in a double occupancy room (which I was). it amounted to $26,000, Golden rule denied payment for 7 months, told me I should get a charity application from the hospital to start paying of my bill to them.

It was very frustrating to keep calling and receiving denial of coverage letters.

Finally after I said I was going to use a Consumer Advocate Agency, did someone take note, apologized for the delay and settled my hospital bill. Who needs all that stress after having had a very frightening sickness?


I generally received notice of a claim with a month; it usually takes longer to get a payment. However, they are really tricky with their billing and claims; it is quite confusing.

If I didn't have someone helping me with the claim forms I would already have lost over $1,000. I strong urge everyone to hire a medical claims firm (they are not expensive) to deal with Golden Rule.

You will recoup what you put out. I never had to have help when I had Blue Cross Blue Shield, but Golden Rule is another story.


I have the same issues as I am reading on this site. Every claim seems to be not covered and I pay out of pocket.

To top it off they raised my premium 50% after the first year and I didn't have any claims at all. Scam!!!


I share the same pain the original poster did.

They are delaying the processing of my claims saying it is still under review. They keep sending request for medical records from providers and waiting forever.. at this rate they will be contacting every provider known to man to rule out any pre-existing condition or to find any thing to deny claims. I am planning to contact the department of insurance to file a complaint against them.

They are the biggest rip-off in the health insurance industry. Stay clear from Golden Rule Insurance.


Golden Rule generally pays (or denies) my claims 3 to 4 weeks after they're filed.


i have had no problems with their claims department. my doctor says they usually pay in a week or less.

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