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Golden Rule has been slow to repsond with Explanation of Benefits. By the time they reply, often the provider sends the fees to collection.

Response time fromm Golden Rule is average 4 mos., 6 mos. at the high end. Their exclusion for reproductive failures was used to exclude many expenses following swelling after a bicycling irritation. If the claim gets NEAR a reproductive organ, it is rejected.

Kidney Falure was initially rejected with the Chiropractor rider. Everything with them is work, letters and calls. My doctor said the swollen testicle was not a reproductive failure in a letter to Golden Rule. This did not help.

Anyone want to organize a class action lawsuit?

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #994360

I called Golden Rule about their convenient March increases on premiums when you have no choice but to pay or increase your deductible. I have also been a customer with them for 5 years and they "regularly" raise the rates, even though I don't even have any claims.

Currently they are asking me to pay over $331. per month for a HEALTHY 13 year old. That's outrageous. when I ask for the CEO's name, or the person in charge of customer satisfaction, they will not give me any names.

They do a great job of hiding their executives....just try to find the people at the top - they are hidden well!!! At least at AETNA I was able to talk to a higher up that actually listened to me. Not at Golden Rule - I had to hunt down the CEO - Patrick Carr by the way, at another company where he serves on an advisory board. Then they lied and gave me another name of a person that didn't even exist.

What do you have to hide Golden Rule??? Liars, cheats and unethical.

I also am in PA and wrote to PA Insurance Commissioner who says Illinois is in charge of them. Their representatives are trained well to DENY and stick with the script!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #602739

If anyone is suing or has sued Golden Rule Insurance for wrongfully denying their claims please email me.

I am currently suing Golden Rule Insurance and looking to make it a CLASS ACTION lawsuit. I have been insured with Golden Rule from Jan 2009 and they have denied all my claims for what they are calling a PRE-EXISTING condition. I applied for Golden Rule insurance while I was in Florida resident, but moved to New Jersey within 30 days and that is where my policy was delivered to me and according to Golden Rule Insurance wherever my policy is delivered to WILL BE the state that the policy is Governed by.

Golden Rule contacted me that month that I applied and told me that I was a resident of New Jersey and that if there was any change in my monthly premium they would notify me, but there has never been a change in my monthly payment. The Golden Rule policy states that wherever my policy is delivered to will be the governing State and that State insurance rules will apply. Now they are trying to say that is not true because New Jersey law states there is NO PRE-EXISTING condition exclusion allowed and Golden Rule Insurance Company is trying to find a way out.

For what I can find on the internet Golden Rule has made this a common practice to deny claims and they need to be stopped.

Please contact me and pass this along to as many people as you know.


Golden Rule's so call "discount" Rx card is a joke. Their prescriptions go thru Medco, same company I had before my COBRA expired.

Generic medication that was previously paid for by Medco at $90 suddenly costs $420...my "discount card" knocks that down to $411.54.


I'm working on getting on the state based insurance plan now. I need to get away from GR before they drive me right into bankruptcy.


Thanks so much for this! I haven't been this moved by a blog for a long time!

You’ve got it, whatever that means in blogging. Anyway, You are definitely someone that has something to say that people need to hear.

Keep up the good work. Keep on inspiring the people!


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Avoid Golden Rule Insurance by all means.

I am still following up on claims even after 3 months of my hospitalization event. They keep asking for medical history from medical providers, the list keeps growing every time I call them. It seems to be they just don't want to pay and wants to keep delaying the processing of claims on the basis of trying to collect medical records from various providers including the county officials. They would use tactics of sending medical record requests to wrong address, and waiting for the providers to respond, then they would ask for authorization forms and wait another few weeks. Next time you call them they would add a couple of more providers and ask for medical records from them.. this goes on and on.. causing frustration to the customer. Eventually the providers will start sending unpaid bills to the customer and the customer will have to deal with collection agencies..

They are the worst insurance agency i had come across.

There should be law to prevent such delaying of claims processing once the policy is issued. They can do all these checks before issuing a policy. Insurance carriers cannot collect policy premiums and then deny claims based on medical history when it is time for them to pay.


I bill golden rule for a provider, and was called an "effing ***" (for their mistake) by one of their reps named Joy, WHILE on a recorded call with the patient and her husband on the line as well. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was mysteriously disconnected.

They do not pay for anything. God forbid a patient with golden rule get ill...


I too have been screwed over by Golden Rule..the put a preexisting condition on my policy for polycystic ovarian disease..just had a hysterectomy in which they left my ovaries..they are now denying my claim under the preexisting condition clause..duh they left my ovaries so I would have to say it wasn't condited to the polycystic OVARIAN disease. They are a total rip off!!

Tryon, Oklahoma, United States #7741

Well - not only are they evil, GRule is incredibly ***. I am a runner and recently had an EKG at my last physical exam.

My doctor said I was the healthiest guy he has seen all year. Well, the morons at GRule rejected my appplication "dur to low resting heart rate" even after I explained to them that my doctor gave me an A+ on all points at my exam 2 WEEKS EARLIER!

I also gave them my docs number to verify but they were either to lazy, dumb, or busy screwing their members to bother to call him. GRule would rather insure the sick instead of the healthy!!

Hamilton, Ohio, United States #7036

I just got stiffed by golden rule and left with an 8000$ bill. They are liars, pilferers, cheats and thieves.

As far as i'm considered their criminality and incompetence should be meant with the punishment brought on by the hangman's noose.

Pfafftown, North Carolina, United States #6536

Golden Rule is the epitomy of evil insurance companies. If you thought insurance nightmares only happened to those other people, you're worng. Dont be fooled by their name


golden rule sucks. plain and simple. using the golden rule as their company's name is outright fraud

Kalispell, Montana, United States #4726

Golden Rule sucks and I would love to see one of the news channels go behind the scenes with them and show them in the light they should be in.... they are ruthless, irresponsible, and completely self serving.

If you are one of the happy ones with Golden Rule, you are just one of the lucky ones.

So many have been screwed by them, not paying claims, not doing the right thing, and when something does turn up after you are insured with them, you can bet your sweet petutie that it will turn into a pre-existing condition. If you go with Golden Rule, you are taking a serious chance with your health care.

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