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Goldenrule worked with American Medical Security to deny coverage yet they stated that they had not received adequate records to make a determination. I believe that their process is intentionally designed to create obstacles so that the customer will give up.

Both companies are owned by the same parent companies. Representatives from both companies say that the problem is due to the other company. They say I have no choice but to go through an appeal process if I want them to reconsider their decision. I asked why they did not contact the doctor for the additional information and they said that they don't do that, they contact once and that is it.

I talked to the medical records people at the doctor's office and the hospital and they did not contact the hospital for records. They say that even if I get the records for them, I have to appeal the decision.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I have been trying to get approved since early June and still nothing. It seems every little obstacle they can throw at me they have. So your complaint makes complete sense to me.

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