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I went online to get quotes for health insurance. Golden Rule was cheapest at 121.13 for nonsmokers and 156.39 for smokers.

I smoke about 6-8 cigarettes a day, and had no problem paying the 35.00 difference. Imagine my surprise when I got my policy and my quoted rate has increased to 199.21 because I am a smoker!! The 35.00 difference turned into a 78.00 difference. I have no preexisting conditions and take no medications, and was told on the phone that the increase was because I am a smoker.

How can a company quote a rate for being a smoker, when they know *** well they are going to charge more.

I could understand it if I was a heavy smoker, but I'm not. Unfortunately, the competition charges the same or a little more, so I am probably stuck with this policy.

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It is all done during an underwriting process where they go through your medical records. Most people do not understand the process or think that conditions that cause an increase are not serious but can cost insurance companies a lot of money with claims.

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